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Featured Soaps

“It’s The GLOW For Me”

Packed with two key ingredients—organic turmeric and raw honey. This bar can be used on the face and body. Get your glow on!

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“NIA’s Special”

Our signature bar! A triple layer bar, made with goat milk and infused with essential oil and honey, provides an intense moisturizing experience.

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“The Black Panther”

This power packed bar contains activated charcoal to deep clean pores, pull out impurities, and clear skin. This is a vegan bar!

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Rave Reviews!

Healthy skin doesn't have to be complicated or hard to achieve. But don’t take our word, take the word of our wonderful customers

I can not get enough of NIA’s Soap. I love the way it feels on my skin and how amazing my skin glows after I get out of the shower. The fact that each bar is 100% natural is so awesome!!! I will be purchasing foreverrrrrr!


The turmeric facial bar is so luxurious! It lathers so well and feels like velvet. Smells like sweet oranges and it also removes my mascara completely. My face didn’t feel tight or dry after. The unicorn magic soap bar also left my kids’ skin super soft after bath time!


My hubby loved the NIA Special bar and so did I. He said his face was moisturized and he shaved with it!!! I found that bar to be mesmerizing. It smells wonderful and my skin is so soft. The turmeric bar is the best soap I’ve ever used on my face. I love these soaps!